Reel Time with Ethanvahlere

"How do I do a film called 'The Old Mill' when I don't have an old mill?"

6 February
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As can be told from his username, ethanvahlere is a Cameron Crowe nut (though Mr. Crowe is on notice after ELIZABETHTOWN). He also otherwise eats, drinks, lives, and breathes movies. To that end, he works at a video store, though he would someday like to be a paid movie critic. He is currently single, due to the fact that every attractive women he meets either has a boyfriend or is not interested. Finally, he is the type of person who doesn't always remember to pay the bills on time but knows who won Best Actor in 1965 (Lee Marvin, CAT BALLOU) or what "West Wing" episode discussed a secwet pwan to fight infwation ("Celestial Navigation") - in other words, someone whose brain is 2/3 occupied by useless trivia.